If you use high quality products (shampoos, conditioners, and styling aids) specifically designed for colored hair, your hair color should last from 4 to 8 weeks, with 5 to 6 being typical. That’s a big range, but the variance has to do with your tolerance for fading, how often you wash your hair, how hot the water is and how much you’re in the sun. It’s a sad but true fact that reds have less longevity because of the unusual shape of the molecule.


Color works by depositing molecules of pigment in your hair shaft and unfortunately they eventually fade. Water is the main culprit, but if you use inexpensive shampoos with detergents, your hair color will only last one to three weeks. An inexpensive non-colour safe shampoo can strip out your colour in as little as one washing. You may think we’re telling you  this in order to get you to buy our products, this is not the case, higher detergent drugstore type shampoos will  strip your colour quickly. Also, conditioners with a high paraffin content will bind to your colour causing fading and damage.


Our stylist along with the high standards of the products used to create beautiful colour, will not only maintain but will enhance the integrity of your hair, resulting in healthier longer lasting colour. This is why it is important to purchase products in our salon recommended by your stylist.